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Re: slapd crashes on startup

BÖSCH Christian wrote:

I have 2 nodes in multimaster setup.
Node1 doesn’t startup anymore and crashes.

In debug mode the last lines are:

5b3f6b78 <= index_entry_del( 1121725, "uid=jst9897,ou=ais2ldap,o=abc.at <http://abc.at>" ) success ./../../../libraries/liblmdb/mdb.c:5276: Assertion 'NUMKEYS(mp) > 1' failed in mdb_page_search_root()

What does that mean, and what to do to get online again and have the DB in sync with Node2?

Sounds like the DB is corrupted. What happened on the system prior to your attempt to restart slapd?

It may be possible to resume from the previous snapshot of the DB, but most likely you'll be better of reloading a slapcat from the other master.

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