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Re: slapd crashes on startup

> On 06.07.2018, at 15:35 , Howard Chu <hyc@symas.com> wrote:
> BÖSCH Christian wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have 2 nodes in multimaster setup.
>> Node1 doesn’t startup anymore and crashes.
>> In debug mode the last lines are:
>> 5b3f6b78 <= index_entry_del( 1121725, "uid=jst9897,ou=ais2ldap,o=abc.at <http://abc.at>" ) success
>> ./../../../libraries/liblmdb/mdb.c:5276: Assertion 'NUMKEYS(mp) > 1' failed in mdb_page_search_root()
>> Abort
>> What does that mean, and what to do to get online again and have the DB in sync with Node2?
> Sounds like the DB is corrupted. What happened on the system prior to your attempt to restart slapd?

There was a script running which deleted all child entries in a subtree (~3000 entries). During that slapd crashed.
I rebooted the server, but slapd doesn’t startup again.
> It may be possible to resume from the previous snapshot of the DB, but most likely you'll be better of reloading a slapcat from the other master.

Can I delete the files data.mdb and lock.mdb in the db directory, do a slapcat on node2 and with that output file a slapadd on node1?
Would this be the recommended approach?


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