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Re: permissions replication


On Sun, 1 Jul 2018, Miroslav Misek wrote:


I am setting up master-slave replication for our off-site office, so it can use authentication against ldap even with internet connectivity issues. Replication itself is working without problems. But it replicates only data and not olcAccess attributes on database. So I have to set them manually.

Please is there any way to replicate those attributes too?

I found only one way, and it is master-master replication of cn=config database. And it is not usable in our environment. Off-site office don`t have public ip. And it is better for me to have this ldap instance read-only.

you can setup replication for cn=config identically to how you setup replication for your data.

If you can replicate your data by pulling from the master you can do the same for cn=config.


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