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Re: time-base release schedule?

On 07/03/2018 08:07 PM, David Magda wrote:
It does not /have/ to be related to downstream distros. I mentioned the
distros in my original message as a suggestion, and not as a hard

Then I fail to understand why you want that.

If OpenLDAP has a biannual cycle, then the "out-of-date" release would
only be at most six months old. Compare that between 2.4.46 to 2.4.45 (>9
months) to 2.4.44 (16 months).

Even then there's no guarantee that downstream maintainers really pick up the latest version at that time. No problem solved at all. And bear in mind that there are way more downstream maintainers out there all with their own release schedule.

Besides that Debian distribution or similar are way too slow anway.

Personally I'd prefer OpenLDAP project to return to the old release-early-release-often mantra. And hey, that matches today's *agile* CI/CD models pretty well. ;-)

Ciao, Michael.