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time-base release schedule?


Would it be possible to moved to a timed release schedule? Looking at the
ChangeLog, the current release 'schedule' seems to be a bit...


Moving towards a fixed-date schedule (once or twice a year?) would allow
downstream maintainers to update things like Linux distributions in a more
predictable fashion. The "maintenance releases" would be nothing more than
tagging all of the patches since the last release and creating a tarball.

If there are zero patches since the last releases, then a new tarball may
not be needed (or a "NOP release" could be done just to keep people
in-practice). Otherwise, regardless of whether is is one or one-dozen
patches, a new version is revved.

If there is a security issue, a release could be issued outside of the
fixed schedule. Ideally (IMHO) security releases would only include the
security fix so people can be confident that it is a low-risk change that
won't change / break other behaviours.

Given that most users of OpenLDAP "consume" it via their
distribution-of-choice's package, this would (IMHO) increase the chances
of more recent versions of OpenLDAP being used (especially in Debian and
Ubuntu, but also Fedora). Recent Debian releases occur in Q2, and Ubuntu
does April/October (LTSes are April), while Fedora (roughly) does
May/November. Perhaps a February/September cycle?

Not sure whether this is something for 2.4, or for 2.5 when it comes out.

Any thoughts?