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Re: delta-synrepl consumer randomly delete objects

--On Thursday, November 03, 2016 1:16 PM +0100 Raffael Sahli <public@raffaelsahli.com> wrote:

I have no clue what changed that we have now such problems.
What else is related to (delta)-syncrepl? time?
Could it be wrong/strange slapd configurations? (acl, limits,
syncrepl,...) But actually not much changed and the sync does work for
some time...

"time" must be in sync between all nodes, that's well documented.

If your pulling down an empty replica from a master, then that is not using delta-sycnrepl at all. I've never had luck with doing that. I only do a slapcat from the master then slapadd to the replica, and start from there.



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