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Re: openldap 2.4.43 keeps crashing

Am Mon, 28 Dec 2015 10:31:35 +0400
schrieb Jephte Clain <jephte.clain@univ-reunion.fr>:

> hello all,
> I upgraded to OpenLDAP 2.4.43 three weeks ago. It runs on debian
> squeeze 64bits lts
> it is built from sources with the fix from ITS#8330
> Since the upgrade, it keeps crashing regularly (I would say once
> every 2 to 5 days)
> However, there isn't anything in the logs: no message, no error, no
> nothing
> slapd no longer runs, I restart it, and it runs ok until the next
> crash
> now I don't know how to debug that.
> I could downgrade to the previous version (2.4.41) which worked fine, 
> but as our university is closed until 01/11, this is the perfect time
> to investigate. I still don't know if it's a bug in 2.4.43 or a 
> misconfiguration for which previous versions was forgiving
> What are your advice to track down the cause for the crash?

Check whether openldap has been built with --enable-debug=yes.
If so set ulimit -c unlimited, which hopefully will create a core dump
on a crash. 


Dieter Klünter | Systemberatung
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