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Re: options to maintain computed attributes?

Jephte Clain wrote:
> I may have a need soon to implement "computed" attributes in LDAP, to
> accommodate dumb clients that are unable to properly update the database
> for example, an attribute masterAttr may have values like "A:B" (its value
> updated by the dumb client), but other clients need the A or B part separately.
> So whenever masterAttr is updated with value "A:B", firstPartAttr have to be
> updated with "A" and secondPartAttr with "B"

Note that splitting the value pairs into distinct attributes within the same
entry does not work for multi-valued attributes.

> - is there an overlay like slapo-rwm but for attribute values? I searched but
> did not found anything. So I guess the answer is no.


> - using a combination of back-perl, back-relay and slapo-translucent? is that
> even possible

Yes. Many moving parts though.

> - using back-sock as an overlay to monitor modifications and update the modified
> objects accordingly?

Yes. Not the best performance though. And you need a recent OpenLDAP release
with back-sock fixes.

> - a script that monitor the accesslog database and update the modified objects
> accordingly?


> - biting the bullet and writing an overlay myself?

Yes, most probably gives the best performance.

Ciao, Michael.

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