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Re: Syncrepl issue with one node


In the same situation I've solved the issue by dropping data in the server 1, and retrieve them from the other servers:

Server 1:
1. Stop
2. Drop data in db (keep the DB_CONFIG file)
3. Start it

Hope this helps.


Le 11/06/2015 15:59, espeake@oreillyauto.com a écrit :

From:	Quanah Gibson-Mount <quanah@zimbra.com>
To:	espeake@oreillyauto.com, openldap-technical@openldap.org
Date:	06/10/2015 04:09 PM
Subject:	Re: Syncrepl issue with one node

b) Not enough information provided here to go on.  Are all server IDs
unique?  Are all syncrepl clauses unique per DB?  Personally I've never
found ntpd particularly good at keeping clocks in sync.  I've generally
resorted to running ntpdate frequently out of cron, particularly for VMs.



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All of the nodes have unique ID's:

olcServerID: 1 ldap://tn-ldap-a-1.mydomain.com
olcServerID: 2 ldap://tn-ldap-a-2.mydomain.com
olcServerID: 3 ldap://tn-ldap-a-3.mydomain.com

Each database has it's one Syncrepl clause 001, 002,& 003 rids sync
configuraiton changes, and 004,005, & 006 sync the user data.

All configuration changes replicate with no issue.  Data changed on servers
2&3 replicate between each other, but server 1 gives the CSN too old error.
If I change user data on node 1 it replicates to nodes 2 & 3 with no

I stopped the ntp service on the offending node and ran ntpdate-debian.  I
still get the CSN too old errors in the logs.

Is there a setting in the syncrepl that I can use to expand out the window
for a CSN "age"?  Below is the configuration I have for user data.

olcSyncrepl: {0}rid=004 provider=ldap://tn-ldap-a-1.mtdomain.com
binddn="uid=admin,dc=mydomain,dc=com" bindmethod=simple credentials=secret
searchbase="dc=mydomain,dc=com" type=refreshAndPersist retry="5 5 5 +"

Thank you,

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