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Syncrepl issue with one node

We are running openLDAP 2.4.39 in an MMR replication on Ubuntu 14.04.  I
have one node that is not wanting to sync with other nodes giving the
following error:

Jun  9 06:51:35 tn-ldap-a-1 slapd[3138]: do_syncrep2: rid=005 CSN too old,
ignoring 20150609115135.153480Z#000000#003#000000

As you can see the CSN shows the exact same time the time that is being
logged. We are in the U.S. Central timezone.  I have checked our ntp
service on my three nodes.  All three are pointed to the same ntp and are
in sync.  Would be possible that one node might still be just a few
miliseconds too fast and the csn timestamp would appear wrong?  Is there a
logging level I can set for that specific issue?  I am currently logging
the sync records.  I can go to debug in needed.

Thank you,
Eric Speake
Senior Systems Administrator
Information Systems
O'Reilly Auto Parts
 (417) 862-2674  Ext. 1975

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