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Antw: Re: using {CRYPT} for rootpw, using SHA512?

>>> Brian Reichert <reichert@numachi.com> schrieb am 15.08.2014 um 16:38 in
Nachricht <20140815143811.GN30182@numachi.com>:
> On Fri, Aug 15, 2014 at 12:49:03PM +0100, Miroslaw Baran wrote:
>> Works quite well with our LDAP boxes.

>   {CRYPT}JHGa.sqLNfcew

> {CRYPT}$6$RKd7QOs4qcMu$0rxaR7Sjcl1Gm1sRU13H3lvha7.FbBXiNYK2hDix6rXekruzuNN7pW/1/9755KmD9NLqYcTFDbxubAvxyX.wg.


Only the first example given is actually crypt() in the strict sense; the second example given is an glibc extension to crypt (SHA-512 (since glibc 2.7))

So if that is going to work cross-plattform, you must have a recent version of glibc everywhere, I guess. Details in "crypt(3)"...