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Re: set-based constraint for prefix


Le 03/02/2014 19:26, Michael Ströder a écrit :

Maybe I'm overlooking something obvious...

I'd like to enforce a prefix naming convention by using a set-based constraint. The idea is that 'cn' value of an entry should *start* with the 'cn' value of
the superior entry and a hyphen.

Example with Superior entry has 'cn: example':
example-foo -> accept
examplefoo -> disallow
foo-bar -> disallow

My problem is the "start with" since I cannot find a way to express the
wildcard string in a set.

I think the wildcard can be expressed in a filter. Some something like this should work (untested):

this & ( [ldap:///] + this/entryDn + [??base?(cn=] + this/-1/cn + [-*)] )

Raphaël Ouazana.