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Re: Substring Indexes on userPassword Attribute

Dan White wrote:
> On 06/03/13 10:49 -0700, Tim Gustafson wrote:
>>> This actually goes right back to X.500(1988). The schema says that
>>> you can do exact matches but no other sort.
>> Again, I'm fine with strict interpretations of the RFCs being applied
>> *by default* but there should be some way for me to override those
>> interpretations.
>> Why are these parts of the LDAP schema hard-coded?  Is there no way to
>> specify the entire schema in a configurable format so that I could
>> change this behavior for just my installation if I deem it
>> appropriate?
> You could replace the objectclasses containing userPassword, homeDirectory,
> etc, with your own custom defined schema, along with your own userPassword
> definitions.
> That would likely require a slapcat, edit, and slapadd of your database,
> but ultimately gives you more control of your data, and leaves you with
> portable data.

No, 'userPassword' is defined during compile time in schema_prep.c

Ciao, Michael.

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