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Re: Duplicate attributeType: ""

On Thu, 31 Jan 2013, rodrigo tavares wrote:

In my samba.schema, added the atribute userPassword.
root@fileserver02:/etc/ldap/schema# slapindex -v
/etc/ldap/schema/samba.schema: line 195 attributetype: Duplicate attributeType: "" slapindex: bad configuration file!

What's wrong ?

userPassword is one of a handful of attributes that's hard-coded into slapd(8). See servers/slapd/schema_prep.c.

Anyway, yes, you're "duplicating" userPassword via multiple definitions: the hard-coded definition and your samba.schema definition. The hard-coded definition should serve fine, just remove it from samba.schema.

Why are you putting these in samba.schema anyway? Editing upstream schema isn't best practice. If you need a local schema file, make one from scratch, don't glob on to somebody else's definitions...