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Re: replication between a back-sql master and back-hdb slave


I just didn't understand why I would need suffixmassaging and a relay database...

All my data are stored in PostgreSQL, used as a backend for my OpenLDAP/back-sql server (which will become the master OpenLDAP server) After setting up a second OpenLDAP server with hdb/bdb backend, acting as a slave to the master OpenLDAP server with back-sql, all the search requests would be made on the slave
This way I should accomplish two improvements:
- less load on the PostgreSQL server
- better search performances, as the replicated bdb/hdb OpenLDAP slave should perform better as the back-sql OpenLDAP master

The slave would then periodically check the master to requests the changes (pull method).

That should work, no ?

Le 28/01/2013 15:18, Dieter KlÃnter a Ãcrit :
Am Mon, 28 Jan 2013 14:19:44 +0100
schrieb Benin Technologies<benintechnologies@yahoo.fr>:


I set up a back-sql server to access some existing data in a
postgresql database.  I was wondering if it's possible to replicate
that server to some (read-only) back-hdb servers.
This is possible, in principle, but requires some crafting.
On the remote host create a ldap database pointing to the
sql database. This ldap database could be subordinate to a hdb/bdb
backend. If you need some suffixmassage, add a relay database to the sql
database and configure appropriate.