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slapd not starting at boot when compiled with --enable-sql


I'm not sure wether this is an OpenLDAP issue or a Debian issue...

When installing OpenLDAP 2.4.33 from source on Debian 6.0.4 with back-sql support, I'm unable to make it start at boot.

I tested it a few times to isolate the problem, and the simple fact of installing OpenLDAP with "--enable-sql" seems to be the cause. My "/etc/init.d/slapd" file works fine, but the service won't start at boot.

Does anybody have an idea ?

Below the details of my tests, I tried two configurations, without and with back-sql enabled :

Config 1°/
I installed OpenLDAP 2.4.33 WITHOUT back-sql support. (plain "./configure")
I installed an adequate "/etc/init.d/slapd" file (inspired from the file shipped with the Debian package installation), and then I installed the slapd service (update-rc.d slapd defaults).
When I reboot the debian server, everything works fine, slapd starts.

Config 2°/
Same installation, but this time WITH back-sql support (./configure --enable-sql)
Like before, I deployed my "/etc/init.d/slapd" file.
The file works fine ("/etc/init.d/slapd start" starts the OpenLDAP server)
Then I install the slapd service, it seems to install well (update-rc.d slapd defaults). But when I reboot, slapd fails to start.
I tried the following commands :
# service slapd start
Starting OpenLDAP: slapd failed!
# /etc/init.d/slapd start
Starting OpenLDAP: slapd.
# service slapd stop
Stopping OpenLDAP: slapd

So it seems the "slapd" service can not be started by the "service" command (and thus cannot be launched a boot).

NOTE that the ONLY difference between Config 1 and Config 2 is that I compiled OpenLDAP with "--enable-sql". At this point, I don't even use a back-sql backend (I'm still with the default configuration, using the bdb backend).

Does anybody have an idea what's happening ?

One last thing : I tried also to compile OpenLDAP with back-sql as a dynamic loaded module (./configure --enable-modules --enable-sql=mod). Same result, if my "slapd.conf" contains the instructions to dynamically load "back_sql.la", then :
- OpenLDAP doesn't start at boot
- "#service slapd start" doesn't work
- "#/etc/init.d slapd start" still works


Note : I tried to use insserv instead of update-rc.d, same result