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Re: missing entry in slapcat backup

Meike Stone wrote:
and if I try to add this missing node, then I get:
ldapadd -x -h localhost -w password -D"cn=admin,ou=root" -f test.ldif
adding new entry ou=a,ou=b,ou=c,ou=root
ldap_add: Already exists (68)

Use slapadd to add the missing entry. For back-mdb you don't need to stop
slapd while running other slap* tools.

I tried it on the test server sucessfully. But in production
evironment the Server is
configured as one master in a MMR evironment.

What is the best way there? If I add the missing entry on on server
does this entry replicate to the second master?
Or is in dangerous to do this - maybe it is better stop all server and
add the entry?

What was "dangerous" was to run all of your production servers with bogus data in the first place.

Is the entry missing on all of the masters?

Are you using regular syncrepl or delta syncrepl?

There are any number of approaches here, use your imagination.

The easiest may just be to slapadd the entry so that it exists on one master, and then run an ldapmodify on the entry. From that point on any regular syncrepl consumers will receive the entry.

Think about it, think about how replication works, come up with your own solution.

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