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Re: missing entry in slapcat backup

>> and if I try to add this missing node, then I get:
>> ldapadd -x -h localhost -w password -D"cn=admin,ou=root" -f test.ldif
>> adding new entry ou=a,ou=b,ou=c,ou=root
>> ldap_add: Already exists (68)
> Use slapadd to add the missing entry. For back-mdb you don't need to stop
> slapd while running other slap* tools.

I tried it on the test server sucessfully. But in production
evironment the Server is
configured as one master in a MMR evironment.

What is the best way there? If I add the missing entry on on server
does this entry replicate to the second master?
Or is in dangerous to do this - maybe it is better stop all server and
add the entry?

Thanks in advance