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Re: don't get running the slapd while using mdb backend

--On Friday, January 18, 2013 6:43 PM +0100 Meike Stone <meike.stone@googlemail.com> wrote:

I can guarantee that would never work, as the variable with MDB is
MDB_IDL_LOGN.  I don't recall exactly the issues I hit when changing it
to 17 from 16.  Also, MDB has changed substantially since I did that
testing. ;)  I was ok with not modifying it given the read speed
improvements in mdb vs bdb.

Thank for sharing, so I'll do test regarding this with the unmodified
slapd and mdb, if it is fast enough in our environment!
Have a nice weekend!

I would note I set the following bits in my back-mdb configuration:

olcDbEnvFlags: writemap
olcDbEnvFlags: nometasync

Also, I would advise using current RE24 for your testing. Keep in mind too that there is a database format change coming for mdb to fix ITS#7473.



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