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Re: don't get running the slapd while using mdb backend

>>> So my first question:
>>> Does mdb have limitations like bdb it have aka BDB_IDL_LOGN?
>> Yes. back-mdb is ~60% the same code as back-bdb/hdb, its indexing
>> functions are basically identical.
> However, I never got mdb to work successfully by modifying these values.

Does this mean, it's not possible at moment to get running the mdb
with BDB_IDL_LOGN = 2^17?

@Howard: I'm sorry, it was really not my intention to annoy, because
of my statement about this problem in the bdb/mdb.
Yes and I've read/followed each document under http://symas.com/mdb/,
but not every one is a developer and not all of them is easy to
I try to get deeper inside to openldap and understand how it works,
but it is really hard ;-)

But anyway, I have to say thanks to all the great work you and the
developer have done on openldap and especially mdb too!

Thanks Meike