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Re: Problem with too many concurrent LDAP requests (Postfix+LDAP)

On 18/1/2013 12:07 ÎÎ, Denis BUCHER (lists) wrote:

It looks like slapd server is overwhelmed with too many requests at the same time, which makes postfix getting timeouts. On the postfix side hopefully it's only a "temporary lookup failure" but I want to correct that problem.

I would suggest you post to postfix mailing list, together with your "postconf -n" output, and provide details on OS used, Postfix, OpenLDAP versions.

Are you using proxy:ldap: on your postfix ldap lookup tables? (You should.)

On the OpenLDAP side: If you need tuning help, post here your OS, Openldap version details, configuration, backend configuration (if applicable), as well as the content of your openldap data directory.

If you can post stats info, that will be useful too. If you are using BDB/HDB:

   (slapd_)db_stat -m
   (slapd_)db_stat -c