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Re: don't get running the slapd while using mdb backend

>> So my first question:
>> Does mdb have limitations like bdb it have aka BDB_IDL_LOGN?
> Yes. back-mdb is ~60% the same code as back-bdb/hdb, its indexing functions
> are basically identical.

Thanks for information, .. it was not that what I expected, so I think
for a lot of users with larger database
this is a problem and they use patched versions...

To find out, what the problem was, why *suddenly* the database was
extreme slowly, in spite of indexes, it took a long time for us.

So it would be great, to notice this in the admin guide and make a
page in the Faq-O-Matic.

>> Second, I set up an small lab for tests with mdb and don't get the
>> slapd started
>> with larger mdb size (10GB).
> Check your ulimits. MDB is much simpler than anything else but you are still
> required to understand how your own OS/platform works.

Thank for pointing me, this was the right hint (would be nice, to
notice this in the manual page too), because at this point I did not
realized, that I have to increase
the size of the virtual memory!

(I tried to generate a sparse  manual (see my last post), to check if
there are any problems related to this.)

I use SLES and as discussed in my last thread with Quanah
there is limited the virtual memory
to the physical memory. Thats bad, but it happened. I don't know the
limits of other distributions.

I hope, that for mdb I don't must have at least the same size of RAM,
like the database is..?

Thank you very much!