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Re: slapd crashes with ch_realloc of X bytes failed

>>> From slapd.conf/cn=config:
>>> a) cachesize setting
>>> b) idlcachesize setting
>>> c) dncachesize setting
>> cachesize               750000
>> dncachesize             750000
>> idlcachesize            2250000
>> Thanks and best regards
> Your settings here don't make a lot of sense.
> I would try
> cachesize 1500000
> dncachesize 0 (or leave it unset)
> idlcachesize 3000000

Yes, I know this values are very low in my configuration, but if I
have problems with the memory, should I increase the caches that use
this memory?

In the last thread , you confirmed, that if I increasing the DB
cachesize, the system is faster running out of memory.
("ch_realloc means the system ran out of memory.  Increasing the
DB_CONFIG cachesize will run you out of memory more quickly.")

To get the slapd a little bit more stable, I reduced this values
(caches) to the posted in last message. Before i had:
cachesize       1000000
dncachesize     1000000
idlcachesize    3000000

> Your current idlcachesize in particular may be part of the issue in addition
> to your glibc setting.

But the problem exist on the test system with tcmalloc too.

So are 24GByte RAM for 1.500.000 DNs and 6GByte DB are not enough?
During all time (especially the crash), there was enough physical
(unallocated) memory free. But "slapd/malloc" tried to
allocate more and more (as you can see in the post from 2013/01/12),
but did not use it, no matter if glibc or tcmalloc
I hope I interpreted it right?!

Thanks Meike

Btw.: I use a "special version" of openldap.
Because of limited index slot of 65535, I changed

in openldap-2.4.33.orig/include/ldap_pvt_thread.h
#	define LDAP_PVT_THREAD_STACK_SIZE ( 1 * 1024 * 1024 * sizeof(void *) )
#	define LDAP_PVT_THREAD_STACK_SIZE ( 2 * 1024 * 1024 * sizeof(void *) )

and in openldap-2.4.33/servers/slapd/back-bdb/idl.h
#define	BDB_IDL_LOGN	16	/* DB_SIZE is 2^16, UM_SIZE is 2^17 */
#define	BDB_IDL_LOGN	17	/* DB_SIZE is 2^17, UM_SIZE is 2^18 */

as Howard it recommended

Maybe this could be the problem??

My changes are available under: