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Re: slapd crashes with ch_realloc of X bytes failed

2013/1/14 Quanah Gibson-Mount <quanah@zimbra.com>:

> Sorry, I don't have your configuration memorized.  Generally, you should
> list:

Oops sorry, I used my gmail account and did not see, that the thread
in the mailing list is "broken"..

Here are all posted informations from my production system

> memory allocator (should be tcmalloc, if you've set that up correctly)
In the test system yes (us see it in the pmaps), but on production, I use glibc.

> DB Information:
> a) Total number of DNs in your database
about 1.500.000

> b) DB_CONFIG settings

set_cachesize 2 0 1
set_lg_regionmax 262144
set_lg_bsize 2097152

> c) Size of database on disk: du -c -h *.bdb

27M     MyActivateTime.bdb
8.0K    MyClassName.bdb
30M     MyDeletedTime.bdb
14M     MyInsertDate.bdb
92K     MyJpeg.bdb
1.9M    MyKey.bdb
2.2M    MyLanguage.bdb
184K    MyPhoneNumber.bdb
38M     MyPk.bdb
14M     MyPId.bdb
5.4M    MyPIfId.bdb
9.4M    MyProductTyp.bdb
140K    MyProperty.bdb
2.5M    MySystemFlag.bdb
22M     MyUserName.bdb
184K    MyVId.bdb
428M    cn.bdb
728M    dn2id.bdb
37M     entryCSN.bdb
39M     entryUUID.bdb
4.0G    id2entry.bdb
6.2M    objectClass.bdb
5.4G    total

> From slapd.conf/cn=config:
> a) cachesize setting
> b) idlcachesize setting
> c) dncachesize setting

cachesize		750000
dncachesize		750000
idlcachesize	        2250000

Thanks and best regards