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How to change a schema attribute definition or how to change the slapd configuration?

I'm using OpenLDAP on Ubuntu 12.04. The installation of OpenLDAP automatically installs the schemas for core, cosine, nis and inetorgperson.

In the nis schema, posixGroup is defined as structural but I need it to be auxiliary.

Is it possible to change that definition? My database is completely empty - I've literally uninstalled OpenLDAP and then reinstalled it in an attempt to try and find a clean way of solving my problem.

Alternatively - and perhaps better since I'm a bit worried about changing *just* that one thing - is it possible for me to export the slapd configuration in a way that I can then edit the configuration to replace nis with rfc2037bis and create everything afresh? Unfortunately, because the installation on Ubuntu does all of the slapd configuration automatically, I don't know what parameters are being specified.

Many thanks for any help or suggestions provided.