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Re: Bind failing with "critical extension is unavailable" error when used with pagedresultscontrol

Cannady, Mike wrote:
I have a program that works with Microsoft LDAP that I'm trying to get to
work with openldap. The program is from a third-party and I have NO access to
the code. I was able to duplicate the behavior with Perl code (testPaged.pl)
later in this email.

The bind is to a domain that uses the BDB backend. If my test code ignores
the error from bind, it does the paged results just fine. The problem is the
third-party program stops if it sees the error in bind. I've captured network
traffic to the Microsoft LDAP server and see that it generates NO error.

The version I'm running is:  [root@radius1 openldap]# slapd -V
@(#) $OpenLDAP: slapd 2.4.23 (Jul 31 2012 10:47:00) $

Is this a bug? I have the perl code, the debug run of the perl code, the
slapd.d structure, dumps of the olcDatabase entries, and the results of "slapd
-d -1" output.

Yes, it's obviously a bug in your client. The PagedResults control is defined in RFC2696 and only defined for the Search operation, not for Bind. Ask whoever gave you that broken client to fix it.

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