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Re: About TLS - ldaps search

--On Friday, January 04, 2013 4:09 PM -0800 Bheeshma SM <bheeshma.manjunath@gmail.com> wrote:

Hi guys.
I have a problem in Openldap 2.4.33 on RHEL 5.8
I am able to do aÂÂ " ldapsearch -x -p 389 -h -D<> -w<> -b<>Â "
but i am not able to doÂÂ
Â" ldapsearch -x -p 636 -h -D<> -w<> -b<>Â

Sounds like slapd is not configured to listen to port 636. No amount of mucking with ldapsearch is going to change that.

I would note that you can do secure searches over port 389 just fine. Simply use the startTLS operation.



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