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About TLS - ldaps search

Hi guys.
I have a problem in Openldap 2.4.33 on RHEL 5.8
I am able to do a   " ldapsearch -x -p 389 -h -D<> -w<> -b<>  "
but i am not able to do  
 " ldapsearch -x -p 636 -h -D<> -w<> -b<> 
I have done all the changes in ldap.conf and certificates are working fine.
The weird thing is
"ldapsearch -x -H ldaps://hostname -D <> -w <> -b<> " is working fine.
What i am trying to do is-- I want to disable the 389 port so that is no searches running in the non-secure port.
So can any1 tell me why the " ldapsearch -x -p 636 -h -D<> -w<> -b<>" [secure search is not working]
Please help me out in this.
Thanks in advance.