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Re: Multi-Master OpenLDAP Replication for 3 nodes -- slapadd command failing

--On Monday, December 31, 2012 9:49 AM -0800 fal patel <fal0patel@gmail.com> wrote:

Hey Quanah,

Thank you very much for the debugging tip! -- Using it I got further in.
Now I get an error "<= str2entry: str2ad(UR1): attribute type undefined".
I must be setting my external variables (such as UR1) incorrectly in my
LDIF file.
What is the correct syntax for setting them, please?
I tried each of the following sentences, none of which worked:
URI1: ldap://host1.hq.mycompany.com:389/
URI1: ldap://host1.hq.mycompany.com:389
URI1: "ldap://host1.hq.mycompany.com:389/";
URI1 ldap://host1.hq.mycompany.com:389/

There is no URI bit in the admin guide. I highly advise you go re-read it. What you posted is clearly invalid.

From the admin guide:


Now we setup the first Master Node (replace $URI1, $URI2 and $URI3 etc. with your actual ldap urls):

    dn: cn=config
    changetype: modify
    replace: olcServerID
    olcServerID: 1 $URI1
    olcServerID: 2 $URI2
    olcServerID: 3 $URI3


I.e. the attribute name is "olcServerID".



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