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Re: How to force password change upon account creation


Do you thinking about alternative ways?..

For our corporate environment, new users accounts doesn't have userPassword attribute at all. But peoples get "activation code" -- unique ID for our custom interface, for "activate" (create userPassword) account.

With this way, only user know his password.


On 12/24/2012 03:33 AM, Kyle Harris wrote:
Hello All,

I have a perl script that allows for the creation of new accounts in
OpenLDAP.  I am attempting to find a way to force the newly created user
to change his or her password upon first login.  I tried setting the
attribute pwdMustChange to TRUE but that attribute must not be definable
upon user creation.  So, how can this be accomplished so that a new user
is forced to change passwords after they first log on?

Thank you.