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Re: META database root DN : no such object

On Thu, 20 Dec 2012, Bryce Powell wrote:

?When a search with base "dc=foo,dc=com" is attempted, if the scope is "base" it fails with  "no  such object";  in  fact,  the  common root of the two targets (prior to massaging) does not exist.?   The vendor won?t change their code to skip the verification, and recommended I use Microsoft?s ADAM instead of OpenLDAP. I would prefer to leverage OpenLDAP, so does anyone have any recommendations as to what I could do?   Thanks, Bryce    

You're quoting from "scenario 2a" from the man page, which envisions dc=a,dc=foo,dc=com and dc=b,dc=foo,dc=com; your desire is to serve some data at dc=foo,dc=com. So you have to make that exist (obviously). You'll need a data store to place your "dc=foo,dc=com" data, and you'll need to "attach" dc=a,dc=foo,dc=com and dc=b,dc=foo,dc=com. So basically...

database	meta	# maybe ldap or even relay in some installations
suffix		"dc=a,dc=foo,dc=com"
uri		"ldap://a.foo.com/dc=a,dc=foo,dc=com";

database	meta
suffix		"dc=b,dc=foo,dc=com"
uri		"ldap://b.foo.com/dc=a,dc=foo,dc=com";

database	mdb	# or hdb or bdb or even ldif or.....
suffix		"dc=foo,dc=com"

So then dc=a and dc=b live over the wire, and dc=foo,dc=com can be filled with Whatever You Want. Like, say, your base-scope data at dc=foo,dc=com. You'll almost certainly want to set up some careful ACLs and make sure, in particular, that nobody writes any dc=a/dc=b data to the on-disk database. Without trying it, I don't think it would cause a failure per se, but it would cause a very confused LDAP admin (quite undesirable)! (As for "dc=c" data on-disk, that's up to you and your site.)