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META database root DN : no such object

I’ve configured a META database to proxy two LDAP directories. Each of those LDAP directories is in turn a proxy for an Active Directory. My intention was to use the meta directory as a single point for user authentication, however, the vendor application does not allow one to use the OpenLDAP meta directory. Their LDAP authentication setup wizard performs a verification of the specified baseDN, i.e. the root DN (suffix) of the meta database, and this does not exist. As per the slapd-meta man page:
“When a search with base "dc=foo,dc=com" is attempted, if the scope is "base" it fails with  "no  such object";  in  fact,  the  common root of the two targets (prior to massaging) does not exist.”
The vendor won’t change their code to skip the verification, and recommended I use Microsoft’s ADAM instead of OpenLDAP. I would prefer to leverage OpenLDAP, so does anyone have any recommendations as to what I could do?