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GDM + pwdPolicy problem


We have a problem using Red Hat 5.7, gdm 2.16.0-59 y pwdPolicy.
When an account gets pwdMaxAge limit and the user try to login using GUI the user doesn't receive any warning about expiration account, it just requests the user and password like a normal login and it fail. The warning works if the user try login by SSH. If we use pwdReset the user get the warning message and it is able to change the password.
We comment pwdPolicy rules and using shadow attributes gdm works fine.
We tried the same configuration with a Red Hat 6 server and everything works fine but we are not able to change our Red Hat version now. Our requirements are keep the password history and we tried pam_unix remember=3 option in /etc/pam.d/system-auth with /etc/security/opasswd but It did not work.
We can go with shadow attributes as long as we keep the password history.
Any idea?

Thanks in advance!