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Re: OpenLDAP as an address book for MS Outlook

Cl?ment OUDOT wrote:


> >> the problem can be that Outlook use SSSVLV controls on attributes
> >> without ordering rules in OpenLDAP. Unfortunately, the 'name'
> >> attribute has no ordering rules,  so you can't sort results on name
> >> (this includes, cn, sn, gn attributes, because they inherit from
> >> name). We do not have this limitation on AD (but it breaks LDAP
> >> standard).
> >
> > I don't care about LDAP standard in this particular installation.
> > I need an OpenLDAP server at this site only as a shared address book,
> > it will perform no other function and will never interoperate with
> > anything else.
> >
> >>
> >>
> >> You can't use server side sort control on cn or sn in OpenLDAP, this
> >> will always return an error because there is no ordering rule for
> >> these attributes.
> >
> > So if OpenLDAP can be tweaked to provide server side sort control on
> > cn or sn, I would go for it. Can it be done by modifying the 'name'
> > attribute in the core.schema? Or by a patch?
> You can try to patch schema_prep.c in OpenLDAP source, find the 'name'
> attribute definition and add caseIgnoreOrderingMatch ordering rule to
> it.
> You then need to rebuild OpenLDAP from sources.

Hurrah! It seems to be working. At least I can now browse the small
test addressbook I have created for test purposes. Many thanks to you
and to all the community for this advice.

Should I expect any problems with slapd because of this patch? Like
unexpected coredumps, corrupted database etc?

Victor Sudakov,  VAS4-RIPE, VAS47-RIPN