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Re: OpenLDAP as an address book for MS Outlook

2012/12/6 Victor Sudakov <vas@mpeks.tomsk.su>:
> When I try to browse an addresslist from Outlook, the OpenLDAP server
> gives the following error:
> Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
>     LDAPMessage searchResDone(11) inappropriateMatching (serverSort control: No ordering rule) [0 results]
>         messageID: 11
>         protocolOp: searchResDone (5)
>             searchResDone
>                 resultCode: inappropriateMatching (18)
>                 matchedDN:
>                 errorMessage: serverSort control: No ordering rule
>         [Response To: 6]
>         [Time: 0.002066000 seconds]
> What is this error? Could someone please interpret it? I almost believe that if I can get rid of it, I
> will have a browseable addresslist in Outlook.

As I already replied :

the problem can be that Outlook use SSSVLV controls on attributes
without ordering rules in OpenLDAP. Unfortunately, the 'name'
attribute has no ordering rules,  so you can't sort results on name
(this includes, cn, sn, gn attributes, because they inherit from
name). We do not have this limitation on AD (but it breaks LDAP

You can't use server side sort control on cn or sn in OpenLDAP, this
will always return an error because there is no ordering rule for
these attributes.