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Re: ppolicy and rwm/relay segfaulting

On 05/12/12 16:10, Pierangelo Masarati wrote:

You seem to be one of the few complaining about that.  If instead of
whining you filed a report, it would have been fixed ages ago.

That's rather uncalled for.

However, if you can tell me roughly what *useful* data would be required for a bug report, I will file one. But I do not have huge amounts of time and like Greg, I have the pressure to "get the job done".

back-meta would cause the server to hang if there were an additional
in a search base (our old primary naming context was "o=lawrence berkeley
laboratory,c=us" and a mail client user had
"o=lawrence[space][space]berkeley lab,c=us" in his configuration.

Back meta rewrites the way you ask it to do.  If you configure it to
rewrite "o=lawrence[space]berkeley lab,c=us" don't whine if it fails to
rewrite "o=lawrence[space][space]berkeley lab,c=us".  Tell it to rewrite
"o=lawrence[space]\+berkeley lab,c=us" instead, and it'll do what you
want.  Machines tend to be as clever as users, seldom cleverer.

Given some of the explanation I received after posting the first bug, I
couldn't help but come to the conclusion that using any of the rewriting
infrastructure in the wild was a bad idea.

That's correct.  It should be one's last resort to deal with poorly
designed systems.

In an ideal world my predecessors would not have left me such ****ed up systems. But there you go. Personally I need a translation layer to give me a phase-over period of some months to track down and remove all dependencies on the old schema - after that, I can "go clean" with a saner system :)

And that's where I ended up.
  So, we shortened the lifetime of our legacy naming context, wrote some
additional synchronization tools, and just cranked up a new database with
that content.

That's exactly what one is expected to do.

If you find a solution that works reliably, I'm all ears.

RTFM?  p.

I did and it oddly enough does not really deal with random segfaults. As far as I can see, *I* am doing it pretty much by the book - and I think we are all agreed that daemons should not segfault even on bad config.

Again - happy to try to get to the root cause, but I am not fully confident that my config is 100% sane anyway, because of the way it combines two overlays, which are clearly unhappy with each other.



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