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Re: ppolicy and rwm/relay segfaulting

On 04/12/12 22:02, Gregory Haverkamp wrote:
In my base, it was back-relay.  back-ldap fixed the back-relay problem
(with a performance degradation), but then I encountered oodles of
problems with back-ldap, followed by back-meta, after which I was forced
to scrap any hope of maintaining my legacy naming context without

I started a bug report on one of them, but I was in the middle of a
roll-out of the new directory infrastructure, and I never got back to
all three problems.

Hi Greg,


In my case I would have to shelve ppolicy until all my clients had been converted - I have over 150 clients and 600 user accounts (under my control) but LDAP is not just used by PAM/NSS (if it were it would be easy) - there are undocumented usages in apache configs, Confluence, possibly webapps written in all manner of languages etc etc.

It's a real mess...



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