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Re: monitoring openldap 2.0.27 connections

On Thu, Nov 29, 2012 at 12:16:17PM +0530, santosh malavade wrote:

> We are using openldap version 2.0.27 on RHEL AS 3 with Postfix 2.2.10

2.0.27 was released in 2002 - that's 10 years ago. It was the
final release in the 2.0 line, and by that time 2.1 versions
were considered stable and were recommended for general use.
The 2.0 line had many problems that have since been fixed. One
of those was a lack of monitoring facilites.

> How do I monitor my ldap server.   I would like to know the active connection
> counts on my ldap server. 

While I appreciate that people who choose 'enterprise' Linux
distros are looking for stability above all else, there is a
cost. Part of that cost is working with software that is 10
years out of date: you just have to put up with what it cannot
do or get on and replace it. On this mailing list you will find
that the prevailing advice is 'stay up to date' so that you can
benefit from current development work. You will not get much
help even for 2.3.x versions.

Having said that, you can of course use other tools to monitor
processes on Linux. In this case, 'netstat' will give you a
list of connections, and 'lsof' (if you have it) can give you
more details about connections to a specific process. Those are
both diagnostic tools rather than routine monitoring tools. If
you want to *monitor* connections then your only hope is that
you have a usable SNMP agent on that machine.

On Thu, Nov 29, 2012 at 11:05:16AM +0100, Marc Patermann wrote:

> Don't touch things you see in a museum! ;)

Exactly. I suggest you urgently start a project to replace your
obsolete software. RHEL 3 reached 'end of regular life cycle'
two years ago. In the mean time, make sure to take regular
backups as LDIF text files so that when 2.0.27 breaks down
comletely you have a usable copy of your data!

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