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Re: Index Add Failures

--On Monday, November 12, 2012 5:38 PM -0500 Kyle Smith <alacer.cogitatus@gmail.com> wrote:

One last question. For now anyways. I am testing the procedure to convert
from hdb to mdb using slapcat/add. Should a slapindex be done as well?
When I tried it, I got this error. Thanks in advance!

50a17983 => mdb_idl_insert_keys: c_put id failed: MDB_MAP_FULL:
Environment mapsize limit reached (-30792)
50a17983 => mdb_tool_entry_reindex: txn_aborted! err=80

a) Slapadd does a slapindex.  Why would you slapadd and then slapindex?

b) What version of OpenLDAP?  slapindex still shouldn't cause a failure.



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