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Re: AW: openldap 2.2.x

On Fri, 2 Nov 2012, Pörschke, Gunnar wrote:
> With my ldap client, JXplore, I import a subtree and get this error message:
> [LDAP: error code 21 - postalAddress: value #0 invalid per syntax];
> remaining name
> 'uid=reskes@circa,ou=Users,ou=DATA,ou=fis-vl.bund.de,o=IRCusers,l=CIRCA'
> The import job fails (same result with slapadd).
> This are the data:
> postalAddress:: TmllZGVyc+RjaHNpc2NoZXMgTGFuZGVzYW10IGb8ciBWZXJicmF1Y2hlcnNj
>  aHV0eiB1bmQgTGViZW5zbWl0dGVsc2ljaGVyaGVpdCwgRGV6ZXJuYXQgMjMsIFBvc3RmYWNoIDM
>  5NDksIDI2MDI5IE9sZGVuYnVyZw==

RFC 4517 defines the Postal Address syntax as requiring the value to 
encoded in valid UTF-8, but that value appears to be encoded in some 
ISO-8851 variant.  You'll need to reencode the value...and then verify 
that any applications reading that value handle it correctly.

Philip Guenther