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AW: openldap 2.2.x

With my ldap client, JXplore, I import a subtree and get this error message:

[LDAP: error code 21 - postalAddress: value #0 invalid per syntax];
remaining name

The import job fails (same result with slapadd).

This are the data:
postalAddress:: TmllZGVyc+RjaHNpc2NoZXMgTGFuZGVzYW10IGb8ciBWZXJicmF1Y2hlcnNj

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Von: Pörschke, Gunnar 
Gesendet: Donnerstag, 1. November 2012 13:51
An: 'openldap-technical@openldap.org'
Betreff: openldap 2.2.x

Hi all,
we have an very old openldap running and we need to migrate data to latest
openldap version. I create an ldif but the data in that file are encoded
"base64". Is there a trick to disable that? My plan is to export everything
from openldap 2.2 database (lbdb) without base64 encoding so I can easily
use slapadd to add this data to a database on my new openldap 2.4.2x system
Thank you for any idea.

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