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reconfig question

It's been a little while since I've worked with OpenLdap so I need to frame this as a newbie question.
It appears that the slapd.conf file and a lot of configuration step by steps are now different than what
was in the O'reilly book I was using.   Additionally the build procedures are different as well. ( at least
from what I remember ) so after a few attempts at building from source, I scrapped that and decided to
try the pre-built option using Mint's Software Manager to install.  Well that brought up the slapd program,
and I was able to configure a test version at home using steps in this URL.

 I used this as the Quick Start guide  on openldap.org is also out of date and refereed to the "old" way to configure

Well here is the rub... The steps in the url above worked great for home with some edits for dc=home,dc=local.
However at work , where I really need this to work , I noticed that I missed one edit on the ldifs after I had run the ldapadd.  

No sweat I thought I'd just unload OpenLdap with Software Manager and reload and start from scratch.
This does not work as some configuration is left around even after uninstalling OpenLdap.

Can someone tell me where these files exist on Mint / Ubuntu or if this is too platform specific , what directory structures
need to be removed prior to reloading to make sure everything is "new".  I am assuming someone can tell me
just remove "cn=config.ldif" directory etc.  in /etc/ldap or something like that to get me up and running.

All help is most appreciated.  -Mark

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