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LDAP Stopped Authenticating Samba Shares

Hi All--

I'm a fairly new Systems Administrator at my company, and have inherited a mostly undocumented infrastructure, including LDAP and Samba.  We had been using LDAP for authentication, allowing access to the Samba shares based on group membership.  Recently, users were unable to mount shares, as authentication had broken somehow. 

A couple of things stand out: 

1) Using phpldapadmin, if I compare the sambalmpasswd or the sambantpasswd on any account to the password that *should* be in place, I get a "passwords do not match" error.  The standard user password checks out OK, however.  I'm not sure why this is happening.

2) Samba will not start.  It dies with a "smbd[2902]: ERROR: failed to setup guest info." error.  As far as I can tell, this happens when Samba starts and tries to find the "nobody" user, both locally and on the remote LDAP server.  The nobody user exists in both places, and I can run 'getent passwd' and 'getent group' and see both local and LDAP users/groups.

I am having a terrible time troubleshooting this, and wonder if someone might have an idea about what's going on, or point me in the right direction. 

Steve Olszewski