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Re: Complete re-sync in MirrorMode

On 10/02/2012 03:29 PM, Roman Rybalko wrote:
> 02.10.2012 15:32, Santosh Kumar Gupta ÐÐÑÐÑ:
>> Please help me to full sync Master1 without recreating db.
> In my sole opinion, recreating the db is the most simple and reliable
> way. Just stop the server, rm the db and start the server again. 100Mb
> will be pulled in a moment. 1Gig in 1-2 minutes (the timing is with no
> indexes though). You may firewall incoming connections while syncing, or
> NAT them to another server.

1 or 2 minutes may be worth one or two milion euros. If it's not that
case, then you can do rm slave db and restart slave server. In our case
'-c rid=00X' was helpful and did the trick.
Nerijus Kislauskas