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Re: LDAP and MD5 authentication issues.

S K wrote:
> I am newbie to LDAP and I am having a issue. I have to work with MD5
> authentication as the application we are going to use has to bind to a LDAP
> server with password generated using MD5. I am not able to authenticate with
> password generate using the perl script or using the md5 executable. But if I
> generate the passwords using slappassword and MD5 I am fine. Can somebody
> please explain what I am doing wrong and  how I can authenticate using perl or
> md5 exe generated password. Any help is greatly appreciated.

You should always check passwords by sending a simple bind request.

For letting slapd generate the userPassword values you can send a Password
modify extended operation request and use slapd.conf directive password-hash.

Or you can set client-side hashed password values (non-salted or salted):

See also: http://www.openldap.org/faq/data/cache/419.html

Ciao, Michael.

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