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Re: Advice regarding ldap (building my tree)

On 09/28/12 18:40 +0100, Mik J wrote:

I'm setting up my openldap server and I would like an advice from experimented users.

My domain is dc=mycompany,dc=org

My company will have:
- employees
- clients
- partners

How should I organise my tree ? for example ?
o=MyCompany, dc=mycompany,dc=org
o=Client1, dc=mycompany,dc=org
o=Client2, dc=mycompany,dc=org
o=Partner1, dc=mycompany,dc=org

Or can I group clients ?
o=Client1, ??=Clients, dc=mycompany,dc=org
o=Client2, ??=Clients, dc=mycompany,dc=org
What would be "??" if I want to make a group called Clients ?

Or my approach is not good ?
If someone has advices (or links that describe a real life case) I'll be more than happy to read them.

I personally prefer breaking up my DIT by function, rather than by
company organization, e.g.:


Then, if I need to restrict an ldap search to one or more organizations, I
do so by placing an identifying attribute within the user's entry, and find
them with a filter.

Filters are generally a more flexible way to organize your users than
a base.

Dan White