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dynlist, memberof,and authentication

Hi all,

I've created a group with the dynlist overlay to create dynamic groups.
Now i want to implement authentication with it but seem to be unable to search on it with nss-pam-lib or sssd.

Before i start configuring all that stuff i wanted to see what search/filter string i need to make and been playing around to get the member.

When i search with base the dynamic group i get all the members/

# ldapsearch -x -b 'cn=prod,ou=isp,ou=acl,dc=ispavailability,dc=com'

dn: cn=prod,ou=isp,ou=acl,dc=ispavailability,dc=com
objectClass: groupOfURLs
cn: prod
memberURL: ldap:///cn=sysadmin,ou=isp,ou=groups,dc=ispavailability,dc=com?memb
member: uid=richard,ou=people,dc=ispavailability,dc=com

So i thought i'll create a search string for the cn and the member.

# ldapsearch -x '(&(cn=prod)(member=uid=richard,ou=people,dc=ispavailability,dc=com))'

And i get nothing....

So i thought about using the memberof overlay with it.

# ldapsearch -x uid=richard memberof

I get the static group trough the memberof overlay but not the dynamic group. Am i missing something or am i trying to do something that's simply not possible?