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Re: ldapsearch stalling when performing searches with a large number of results

Mark Cairney wrote:

On 27 Sep 2012, at 11:59, Howard Chu wrote:

In all my tests MDB consistently uses less disk space than BDB. What exactly were you doing when this happened?

Nothing exotic- I slapcat'ed the existing data, reconfigured the system to use MDB instead of BDB.
The data slap added fine but when running slapindex it kept on hitting the olcDBMaxsize value until eventually the system ran out of disk space.
This was a while ago though (December according to the timestamp on the directory so probably 2.4.30) and I had left the old BDB settings in there
and the only setting I remember tweaking was the MaxSize.

I do have 2.4.32 running on a spare box of the same spec as the production box so I'll try setting up MDB on that.

Ah, don't bother. You hit ITS#7386, the fix is not in 2.4.32. (But is in RE24 for 2.4.33.)

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