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Re: ldapsearch stalling when performing searches with a large number of results

--On Wednesday, September 26, 2012 11:59 AM +0100 Mark Cairney <mark.cairney@ed.ac.uk> wrote:

My olcDB values are listed below (minus the olcDbConfig entries). I'm not
sure if you need the indexes but I've left them in anyway:

olcDbCacheFree: 1
olcDbCacheSize: 400000
olcDbIDLcacheSize: 1200000

set_cachesize 4 0 1

This may be a little small. I prefer to fully cache my DB.

I'm not using an SHM key (should I be?).

So with 300,000 users, your caches look fine. I would definitely recommend using an SHM key if you are going to stick with using BDB. I personally prefer using MDB with current RE24 these days. It is magnitudes faster than BDB in all aspects if you enable writemap.



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