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Re: Message to Change Password

Le 21/09/2012 16:28, Soporte Ti a écrit :
This message appears missing five days for the password expires and
appears until this has expired but only every time I login with the user.
Login where ? On a web application ? On a unix workstation ? On an imap mail server ?

There is something more than the passwd command to be used for this?
A password is just an attribute in an LDAP server, so any command able to modify LDAP content can be potentially used. ldappassword being the most obvious one here.

If, as I'm supposing now, you're actually using an LDAP server to manage Posix user accounts, and you have this issue when logging on an unix host, your problem is merely a client-side issue, and not an LDAP issue. You'll have better answers on the mailing list related to your exact LDAP client (pam_ldap, sssd, nss_pam_ldapd).

BOFH excuse #70:

nesting roaches shorted out the ether cable